Curacao Apr '09


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Thirty-one members of the Bluegrass Dive Club traveled to Curacao on April 28th. During the week we enjoyed scuba diving, climbed a mountain, went to cooking school, and renewed friendships. Following are some pictures.

Anemone Shrimp.jpg

Another Thing.jpg

Autumn Celebrates Summit Climb.jpg

Autumn Playing Around.jpg

Baby Fish.jpg

Big'n Parts the Water.jpg

Can You See Me.jpg

Christmas Tree Worm Group.jpg

Coral Picture.jpg

Coral Shrimp.jpg

Crinoid on Sponge.jpg

Deadly Monster.jpg

Dinner Time.jpg

Doug Sets Table.jpg

Janet the Babe.jpg

Janet, Lisa, Connie, Kathy, Scott, Jim, Big'n, Hayes.jpg

Kind of a Thing.jpg

Kitchen Break.jpg

Lettuce Slug.jpg

Like that Other Thing.jpg

Macro Coral Picture.jpg

Mushroom Forrest.jpg

Noel with Team Amsterdam.jpg

Pedersen Shrimp.jpg

Pretty Picture_1.jpg

Rick Approves of Wine.jpg

Ritchie Spots Babes on the Beach.jpg

Single Christmas Tree Worm.jpg

Summit Team.jpg

Team Bluegrass at Summit of Christoffel Mt.jpg

Trail from Summit.jpg